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Gender Leadership Webinar: Thursday 27 Oct

Gender Leadership Webinar: Thursday 27 Oct

Dear Development Heads and ADC Directors,

World Athletics is hosting the third webinar for the She Runs-She Leads Webinar Series on Thursday 27 October 2022.

Please can you distribute this information to your Member Federations.

Register: HERE

Learn to manage key stakeholders in your career & gain influential skills

10.00 Paris Time (French Translation provided)

16.00 Paris Time (Spanish Translation provided)


In this live and dynamic online Global Webinar, you will:

  • Identify the key stakeholders, discover other key players who you might be overlooking and who you need to manage.
  • Understand what your stakeholders want – discover their key motivators
  • Categorise your stakeholders – not every stakeholder has a high priority
  • Develop an approach for each category stakeholder
  • Discover three proven powerful phrases to help you gain influence and reduce resistance in your career and relationships


How to get ready for this engaging session:

  • Reflect and identify at least 1 or 2 persons who you know you will need to influence positively and gain their support in your career, campaign, election, or project.
  • Be ready to work and get fully engaged in this online session, reduce distractions when possible. And have paper/pen at hand.
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