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“Team Athletics” conference

“Team Athletics” conference

More than 150 register for “Team Athletics” conference

Co-hosts European Athletics and the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) announced today that more than 150 participants from across Europe have already signed up for their online conference “Team Athletics: The Sport’s Newest Offer”, which will take place on 13 and 14 October.

The two conference sessions will cover the five-year development and testing of European Athletics’ Dynamic New Athletics (DNA) concept, including the European Union-funded project to adapt DNA for use in schools and grassroots entitled “Jungle Athletics”.

Free of charge, the conference is aimed at athletes, coaches, club and school leaders and others interested in understanding the potential of DNA to bring added energy to all levels of the sport.

You can still book your place by registering at the following link and ticking all the boxes to receive relevant information about the conference and other European Athletics activities:


The conference programme will comprise the following two sessions:

• Thursday 13 October (14:00-16:00 CET) – The Jungle Athletics Project & National DNA Programmes
• Friday 14 October (14:00-16:00 CET) – The DNA Project: Roadmap for the future

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